Ignite The Desire

#30 Easily Learn your Abilities in Human Design with Lena Thompson

January 27, 2022 Cynthia Jones Episode 30
Ignite The Desire
#30 Easily Learn your Abilities in Human Design with Lena Thompson
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In today’s show we are talking with Lena Thompson on intuitive decision making.  Lena is an award-winning Social Media marketer who helps spiritual, practical, and ambitions men and women to unleash the power of their Intuition so that they can make powerful decisions and activate their creative genius to create purposeful & sustainable business and life.
Learning how to trust your intuition is never easy but with the correct steps it’s always practical and rewarding.

What to listen for:  How your intuition leads you?

03:05 Discovering your intuition
07:46 Decision making
10:31 Leadership characteristics
12:18 Letting go of the struggle
13:49 Human Design

Lena Thompson
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Cynthia  00:02
Hey, and welcome to this week's episode of Ignite The Desire. I am your host, Cynthia Jones. In today's episode, we're going to be talking to Lena. I'm speaking with Lena Thompson about intuitive decision-making.  

She is an award-winning social media marketer who helps spiritual, practical, and ambitious men and women to unleash the power of their intuition. So they can make powerful decisions and activate their creative genius to create a personal, purposeful, and sustainable business and life. 

How are you doing today?

Lena 00:55

Hey, Cynthia, I'm doing very well.

Cynthia  00:57

Thank you. Good so on this podcast before we start, we normally like to ask our guests.

What is one interesting thing that most people do not know about you?

Lena 01:18

Well, okay, I used to be a South African fencing champion.

Cynthia  01:24

Wow. So you lived in South Africa?

Lena 01:28 

Yes, I did. Yes. For many years. Yes.

Cynthia  01:32

Oh, interesting. Great, and before I forget welcome to 2022. I know this episode will be airing a little later. But we are recording the first Monday in 2022. I hope everyone is excited about the new year and we are going to be kicking this show off with some great topics again, on those building blocks of building yourself. That's why Lena is here today. I want to pronounce it the wrong way. But the correct way is Lena. 

Cynthia  02:22 

Because I want to do it the wrong way. And I don't want to do it the wrong way. So thank you very much, Lena. So what is it about intuitive decision-making that's so important? I know that's a topic that has been on the rise, it looks like last year, in the last couple of years, everyone is talking about this intuition thinking, being intuitive, being in tune with yourself. I believe a lot of people are trying to grasp that knowledge because it's very useful in your everyday life. Can you share with us what it is that you do with that? And how do you help people discover that intuitive side of them?

Lena 03:05

Sure so I think you know, most of us are raised to be logical, practical, you know, to be rational, and to kind of look towards others or for their opinions to help us to make decisions. We go through life, relying on our parents and our teachers, on our mentors, friends, coaches, etc, to help us to figure out the next right step towards decisions to make, and perhaps when we don't find them satisfying in their opinions. We begin to tap into our past experiences and memories and then make decisions based on what we've already experienced. 

We keep on recreating the same results, either from our minds or from the opinions of others. We don't even allow ourselves really, to pause and just to sort of quietly sit in silence to tap into the wisdom of our bodies to begin to uncover what is the right next step for us. I mean, there's nothing wrong with making logical decisions. I'm not saying don't make logical decisions. Of course, you can, you know, like, where am I going to go for breakfast? Or should I go to the gym? Or should I do you know, like simple things that you've done before? There's nothing wrong with using logical minds. 

But when you are a business owner, when you entrepreneur or when you know, you want to make the next level decision and maybe even to figure out whether you want to apply for this next promotion or if you should leave a job, start a business, move to another country these kinds of things require something bigger, something needs to be stretched to the limits we haven't gotten before. This is where intuition comes in handy. 

Helps us to get out of the overthinking burners get out of our heads. And it's a step into the power of you know intuition. Even like Einstein said, right, he said like an intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have a society that owners, their servants, and forgotten the gifts. And it's, unfortunately, it's true for most of us.

Cynthia  05:18

I like how you said we base it on or recreate past things that have happened before. Because I'm a strong believer of that, too, that we create from what we feel most comfortable with, even if it's giving you bad results, you still create from that place, and then you try to figure out why do I keep having these same results? Because I believe that in each one of us, you have that calling inside that's maybe telling you to do something different. But you have seen it play out this way. So you just continue that way. So when we're speaking of that intuitive decision-making, how does one begin to allow it to lead them? 

Lena 06:03

It's important to create space for us. The thing is, you know, we are addicted to doing this, we are addicted to being busyness and we associate self-worth to how much money we make or how many tasks we consume one day especially like, with the children, I know you've got children I mean, are those good kids, you like right, I've got to do something about it, either feed them or break in the house, we've got to do the washing, but I run my business, I'm gonna send us an email. And then actually, you don't allow yourself to just sit and do nothing. 

This is the magical time really when you get those moments of clarity in that moment of knowingness, where sometimes it may seem completely crazy. Impossible, but she had such a strong gut feeling about it, you know, there's like this, there's nothing else on this, can anybody tell you that you have to follow it, but it doesn't count when you do laundry, or when you sending another 20th email or attending another networking event, which you can do without, it only really comes in a moment of stillness. When you allow yourself the space to almost just sit and do nothing. 

Cynthia  07:15

A lot of times, that's when you get that fidgety feeling, oh, I'm not doing anything, I should be doing something, I should be doing this. I don't have time just to sit down and do nothing. Because there's so much I need to do.

Lena 07:28 

Exactly. And it's almost like a detox that I need to go through. You know, it's hard. I mean, I've been on the detox where it got so dark for me, I did not even realize how addicted to doing this onwards, but it changed my life in so many ways towards better I call him and tell you.

Cynthia  07:46 

That's great. That's great information. I hope that the audience can hear what we're discussing and begin to understand how important it is just to sit down and be quiet. That will lead me to the next topic, which is decision making. Why are decisions so important? Because to again, you hear a lot of the new scenes going around, make the decision and stick with it. Once you decide, you know, don't go back? Why is that? 

First, I believe is the first step in the process, one of the first steps in the process is to decide because a lot of times people don't want to make a decision. Why is decision-making so important to make the decision and then start the progress from there?

Lena  08:42 

Sure I mean, you know, I think we all need to learn how to make decisions that our own, it makes us feel more confident more empowered, more authentic, I guess, more truthful to who we truly are. I've already mentioned, we live in a society where we rely on others on our authority. I would say to make decisions for us. When you make decisions as your true self, you then know which action to take next. You don't end up taking 20 different actions and maybe getting no results. You take one action and you get powerful results that you want to achieve whether it's in your business, whether it's in your life in any way. 

It also then gives you this I guess, you know from you when you look at it from a business, I guess saying this making decision is probably the most important skill as an entrepreneur because if you don't know how to make decisions, then well you don't have a business. A business where you want to use life and I know a lot of people who work 12-14 hours in the business, they sacrifice, their health, their time, and their relationships to build this business, and they finally actually burn out.  

What is also interesting what I've noticed is that in the heart of the world the more hours they put in, then the fewer results they got. It's like the universe almost tells them like, Hey, you're too busy. You know, I can't, there's nothing I can give you because you've got no room no space for us. When you learn how to make these corrections, powerful decisions, you as a sage, you know, you don't end up running around in circles spinning and being busy. Instead of doing 20 things in one day, you can do one or two things, but this is going to be super aligned, super focused, super precise actions that will produce the results that you're after.

Cynthia 10:31

Right, that's great. So what are leadership characteristics and why are they important for leadership that one should have?

Lena 10:44 

I think, is self-motivation, you know, and I know we all go through the depths where it's hard, especially when you're not seeing the results that you want. And a lot of people's sort of, you know, just thinking is how it's out, step back, really, just to have maybe a day or two, maybe even a week to go deeper within to tap into your inner knowingness into your intuition to your to get clarity on to what's next actually end up doing more. That's not leadership. 

Leadership is self-trust, is how you lead yourself through this moment of uncertainty, a moment of clarity moments when you get stuck, what do you do as a person? Because unless you can lead yourself, you can't lead anyone else.

Cynthia  11:27

That's important. I like that I haven't heard many people describe leadership as self-development and trusting that intuition because I believe also self-trust and intuition always lead you to positive and great places, it's not going to take you somewhere that's, not good for you, that is leading you to the life that you desire. That's awesome. The next question is, why do you think we struggle so much in our lives in our daily lives with, making things meet those time commitments? Why are those things such a struggle? Why do you in your opinion believe that's such a struggle?

Lena 12:18 

Well, I think it's just the way you are brought up, you know, I mean, I don't know about your childhood, but I was not allowed to sit on Daydream always had tickets, you know, get useful and be busy, whether it's doing my homework, or help around the house, or whatever it was, you know, there wasn't time just to sit and explore and even be bored, you know. And even when I was I remember, as a child when I was bored of energy, so go cook something or bake something or go play tennis all there's got to find some things as you there wasn't just the moment of stillness. And, you know, when you go to school, you are not taught to make decisions yourself, right? You need to ask teachers for permission to do everything. I mean, when my kids tell me what the grace permissions form, like, this is ridiculous. We live in the 21st century, you know, so how can they become this leader? How can they become this forward thinker, confident people who truly know themselves, when schools are not going to be encouraged to lead and to think for themselves?

Cynthia 13:20

That's powerful. I love that. So as we're coming to an end, what is your number one takeaway, you want the audience to know?

Lena 13:33

Once you know, what I want to share with the audience is there was this tool which we didn't speak about called Human Design. This is something I believe is probably one of the most,

Cynthia  13:45 

I'm sorry, we do. Can you just briefly tell us what that human design is?

 Lena  13:49

Sure. So this is a scientific and also spiritual tool. It's a system actually, that was downloaded or brought into the world by a man called Ra Uru Hu in 1987. And it's a blend of esoteric sciences such as astrology, Kabbalah, and also quantum physics. Based on your date, time, and place of birth, it generates your energetic blueprints it's like a map to your life, who you are who you came here to be as your truest authentic self. And when you understand more about your human design, the bytes your energy type, which is one of the most important aspects of human design, you will learn and not just even understand but how to embody it, how to live it, how to align with it, you then begin to make decisions as yourself so helps you with decision making communication, how you show up in life, you know, with a lot less resistance, how to almost become this magnet for Unity's and possibilities. 

To manifest in your life without any resistance and any challenges is the most incredible powerful tool that I have come across. That's why I use it all the time, not in my practice in my coaching practice. And also when with me, you know, I just had coverts, like a few weeks ago, and I find myself in these dark moments in time where it was just everything was terrifying. You know, there was so much fear coming up, irrational fear completely, which are thorough heels, and just even sitting there with my bleep room with my energetic blueprint, and looking in different energies that are running through me, I was like, right, this is the fear, that's what's coming. When you have this awareness, you can almost like, you know, I mean, it's still kind of, I guess, scary, but she can overcome those fears a lot faster, a lot easier.

You can really kind of switch your mindset into much more, towards more positive because you understand exactly why this is coming up and where that originates. It's just extremely powerful. So for anyone who hasn't heard or heard of human design, I would suggest you go to mybodygraph.com It's a free website, it's not my website, it's just a free website, where you can put in your name, your date of birth, your time of birth, and your see your place of birth. And just read up more about your design,