Ignite The Desire

#29 Royalty Mindset 2022 Year with Special Guest

January 20, 2022 Episode 29
Ignite The Desire
#29 Royalty Mindset 2022 Year with Special Guest
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As we wrap up another year, it's important to take a look back and reflect on all that has happened. It's been a transformative year for us, and we've come so far. There were so many amazing moments and accomplishments this year but there's still work to do. We need to keep pushing forward and continue with our journey.

This episode is a memorable event for the host, Cynthia as she has a special guest in this show, her husband where he shares his strategies for reaching your New Year's resolutions and inspires us as he imparts his wisdom on how to have a meaningful journey toward our goal.

We dive into discussions about resolutions, intentions, and designing your life with support from others.   Life has many turns, ups, and downs, but what is important is how you handle each situation.  We strive to give you practical tips in improving your life in all areas.

02:27  What drives you
05:03  Importance of planning and preparation
07:25  Giving up is not an option
13:14  Confidence is key
21:02  Steps to build your life
28:49  Finding your purpose
36:46  Learning is growth
46:05  Takeaways
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Cynthia Jones 00:04
Cynthia, again with Ignite The Desire. Thank you so much for joining us. And guess what? Happy New Year. I'm so happy and so grateful that you are here with me. I pray and I believe that you had a wonderful New Year, I know you had a wonderful Christmas as well, a good time spent with family and friends. And as always, you can always drop me a line and let me know I love hearing from my listeners. And without much ado, today we have a very special guest to start this new year off, right, the one and only my wonderful husband, Minister Barrett he has a wonderful husband, father, and entrepreneur, we have been married. I know it's when you look at me can't believe it. But we have been married for more than 20 years. And that time, we have had many ups and downs as a couple. And what is important to us is that we grow together because we feel like if we grow together, then our marriage and everything else we can conquer. Together, he has founded and grew a successful six-figure business called BATACH and he's going to tell us a little bit about it. He has now launched another business in minerals, he has traveled to many countries, all while contributing his life to Christ. I am so honored he has joined us today to help us launch 2022 successfully. Thank you for joining us today. Husband.

Hey, we thank God for this day. It is the day that the Lord has made. And we will be glad and rejoice in it with all your listeners.

Cynthia Jones 02:10
Yes, great. Hallelujah. Okay, tell us something interesting about yourself that most people don't know, I know, I know, a lot. But maybe it's something I don't even know as well. What is it?

Barrett 02:27
What drives me, it's the ability to be able to help people, you know, you look for the help you look for solutions. And whatever you are looking for other people are also looking for. So, once you find that you make it available to others, making it easy for them. So, I believe that is what drives me. And that is what motivates me.

Cynthia Jones 02:50
Nice in your opinion, because you know, with the New Year, we all I've done it, I'm sure a lot of people have done it, I'm sure a lot of the listeners have done it. We all start the New Year, this January 4, and most times we start we had I used to create like, I don't know, maybe 10 resolutions. And then I was like, oh, that's way too many. I broke it down. And I would take my top two. Over the years, I would just create two resolutions.  January 1 is going to be different; everything is going to be different. And then by I'll say the second or third week in January, those resolutions were out the door. I know that for me, I try not to create resolutions anymore. But I know a lot of people still do that. And it's kind of tricky because you must be in a certain place to see that goal through. If you could please share with us. In your opinion, why is it hard to keep those New Year resolutions?

 Barrett 03:57
Let's take the word resolution on its own. If you look at the dictionary, what resolution means is that it is a firm decision to do or not to do something. You are making a conscious decision that this year I will do ABC I will not do ABC so that is the work itself. But the reason why I believe resolution hasn't worked for a lot of people resolution I believe works I believe in works perfectly if you have proper planning and proper preparation that goes into it. It makes it work. Resolutions do work.

 Cynthia Jones 04:40
What so why is it that planning and application are not working? Because when we look at it resolutions people set resolutions on 30/31 Sometimes even by third The resolutions are not working, you know. So why is it that that that hindsight or that fourth site is not there?  Okay.

Barrett 05:03
Because when we talk about planning and preparation, what is planning and preparation, that is the question. Planning and preparation are the gatherings are the session is the research and of information concerning where you are going. If you do not have enough information about where you're trying to go, or what you're trying to achieve, there is no way you will get there. For instance, you are trying to drive to New York, it's a four-hour drive. And you know, you might need like, a tank and a half of gas to make that journey, and you start the journey with a half tank of gas. Already, you've set yourself up to fail, because why you don't have enough information, you don't have the proper information. I know you like baking with my daughter. Imagine you trying to bake without butter, how would the cake come up. A lot of the time, we are getting some results that we do not want. It's easy to say that it doesn't work. But if you have proper and adequate information concerning the journey that you are taking, I believe you will get there.

 Cynthia Jones 06:08
Like he's stating that I recently started working out with the actual trainer. And that's what she was saying in January, she gets an influx of people that say, Oh, I'm going to lose, I don't know how much weight, they want to lose but they the set that intention I'm going to lose, oh, this time, I'm going to hire a trainer. But like what my husband is saying a lot of times.  It's a long journey and the results are not coming. I would like to see results today. Like when she comes and leaves, I want to see a great difference. But it doesn't work like that it takes months before results start to come in. And so, if you don't plan for that, or if you don't have someone encouraging you through that, the likelihood of you giving up is great. Maybe we'll use the goal of losing weight because that's a popular one. For January, a lot of people say they want to lose 20 pounds or 30 pounds, but they don't take in the effect the actual exercise the foods you're eating, the mindset, you're having the places you're going all considers of you losing that weight, which may take you longer than the 30 days you have set for yourself. And once you start on that journey, and you realize all these things, guess what happened?

 Barrett 07:25
Okay, you give up. And you see one thing also is that it's not just the guardian of the information, is the organization of the information matters a lot. First things must be faced. So, if you put the first thing at the end of it, you know that it's not going to work. Once you collect all this information, it's just like you making a cake. All the ingredients must go in a certain order. Once you mix it had that the way you even stare at it, yes makes a difference. You know, so there are so many factors that are going into making up the cake and the organization. I call it the sequential use of information. The fact that its information doesn't mean that if you use it the opposite way it will work. It must be in sequence; it must be in proper order for you to achieve the right result. In planning, you know, it talks a lot about planning in the Bible talks about Matthew seven, this 24 to 27, where it talks about the wise builder and the foolish builder. They were both building one was building on a solid rock, the solid rock there represent proper information. Yes, adequate information, yes, fundamentals to what you're trying to achieve. And then the sun represents inferior information, information that is hearsay, nobody can even prove that it works. That is why before you decide that you want to lose that weight, you decide how much am I trying to lose? The first question that you really must ask yourself is what do you want? I want to lose weight. You know, I believe that instead of saying I want to lose weight, you should say that I want to change my lifestyle

 Cynthia Jones 09:14
That has become very popular these days. A lot of the health people are saying that instead of you want to lose, change to lifestyle, don't say you want to lose weight and we can contribute that to other areas as well. Because a lot of times, that's what we do. We think we're changing one aspect. And I know you've heard me say this again and again, this show about is how things are interconnected. When you're changing any part of what you desire to change, you are going to have to change a bit of your lifestyle in all areas.

 Barrett 09:49
And let me put this thing in, you see the formula that you are using to probably lose weight you'll be suffering prize that is the same formula that you can use to get well or get become successful is the same formula. Always seeking information, understanding the information, and applying the information. You can use these three methods, which is learning to achieve anything. That is why success, it's not just money. It is that which you have set your mind or your heart to do. Whatever you want to do, you want to have a lot of money, you need to find information, you need to understand the information and you need to apply it. And you must stay in it in long enough because it is not what you are getting is what you are becoming. Now you become that system, you become that concept. When you are asleep, and you wake up, like the job that you do now, you don't pray to go to work. Now, you are doing a few tests, you don't have to prove you don't have to fast you don't because it is who you have become Yes. When they call you at night, whatever time they call you. Somebody can be at the end of the phone, and you can walk them through it. It's what you become is that is important. I believe that my philosophy has been that the key to life is learning. Whoever is willing to learn, will be able to achieve it. It might take time, I was talking to one lady, and he says I tell him if I want to become an astronaut. I can become an astronaut. Of course, I say yes, you can but if you begin to acquire the information that you need, understand it, apply yourself to it, you can accomplish it. Yes, we are talking to your listeners, I know you've given them a lot of information. Yes, you know, and they keep postponing, which doesn't help. You have to eat it while it's hot. Near so that is what I can say about a resolution that it does work. But you need proper preparation and planning. And then once you've got all these things, then you start the journey. Because they are things you already have in your house, they are things you don't might not have in your house. That is what you have in your house. What I do I say is that you put it in two categories, what you have and what you don't have. Now you have to look for what you don't have before you start the journey. Once you've got everything, then now you can start the journey. That is why the 10 virgins, five failed, and five did not fail. The five failed because of lack of proper planning and preparation there was a delay, we might need more oil. So that is what planning does for you. That is what preparation does for you. It makes you go through everything, check all the boxes, make sure that I have everything before you start the journey.

 Cynthia Jones 12:58
And quickly can you just give us a quick explanation of the five virgins because I know that's a popular text. And just so that everyone can be sure of what we're speaking of when we speak of the 5 virgins from the bible.

Barrett 13:14
The 10 virgins can be found in Matthew chapter 25 verse one, there was a banquet, they were waiting. and it was night, so they are prepared to wait. The Bible makes us understand that the bride's wait was a lot longer. They went to sleep by the time they woke up, Jesus had returned and invited the five in with the oil but the other five were at the market getting more.  By the time they returned Jesus stated he did not know them. There are certain things that nobody can give you. You must go and look for them. You must go find them. You know. And it's interesting that what I'm saying? It is one of the reasons why we go to college we go to school. I never understood why we go to school until maybe I see like two years ago that I understood why we go to school and that is what I just explained. The teachers teach you how to find information, apply information, and understand information. Because for the rest of your life, that is all you're going to be doing. That is all you're going to be doing that you want to study is that you need information. You need understanding. You need an application, you want to get married, you need that. You want financial security, everything that you are looking for, and that is why Jesus calls himself the word. The reason why he is the word is that he the word is in information. And on this anything and everything that you know you need information. Those who have enough information are always successful. And the areas where you have information, there is no fear. There is confidence, confidence. Do you see that fear as a lack of information?

Cynthia Jones 15:20
Very good. So as we're moving to our next question, which has to do with resolution, which is our goal with this episode is for you to really have a clear understanding of how to proceed, maybe not for the whole year, that's sometimes you know, a very long time when we're thinking of 365 days, but maybe just for the next 60 to 90 days, you have a clear foundation and understanding of how these desires and these dreams that you are holding to you can bring them into a reality. Because the one thing that I believe is that our dreams and our desires are not meant to stay there in our hearts. They are meant to come and become your reality, as we're going throughout this journey that we are here on this earth. With that being said, what do you do to keep you moving towards your goals, because as we were speaking about the training, let's just do the exercise that losing weight as an example, a lot of times people become discouraged because you realize, you know, not forever, but for a short period of time, there are certain foods you can't eat, we'll say you can't eat, you shouldn't eat, if you have a weight goal in mind, there are certain drinks you shouldn't have. There are exercises you should incorporate it, there are a whole lot of things that go into it. And if you're not used to doing those things, it becomes hard if you can become discouraged. And then to top it off, you don't see the results you're looking for. So, say you're looking to lose 20 pounds, and you're not even losing a pound. How do you keep yourself motivated when the obstacles are there because they will present themselves? And I believe this is an opportunity for us to go through, go around, or go under that is to keep going. How do you keep going in times like that? And then the second part of that is, how do you come up with realistic and reachable goals for yourself.


Barrett 17:27
I will say what works for me are two things that have been the base of my life, which is prayer. And the word which is information. Because whatever you are doing, there comes a time where you know, I don't have enough information. I dropped what I'm doing, I don't say you give it up, but you go and find the information that you need and come and continue. Because the discouragement comes, when you're not seeing what you desire to do. But you must understand that everything has its gestation period. Everything has its time to mature. It's a forest and you want to grow an apple from a seed. And you just keep checking, you know, it must go through the process before it gives you some fruit. It hasn't gone through the process and you're demanding the fruit on the apple tree, get this disaster, you know, so what I will say is that in the equation of success, there are multiple things, there are a lot of moving parts in the equation of success. The main one is what you are looking for that is the goal or that is the vision that you have. That is number two because the vision determines what you do. In this equation of success, you need information. What you need, you need diligence. You need direction, which is the destination, you need consistency. You need wisdom. You need prayer, you need time management. All these things go into. I mean, there is more I can name a whole lot more.

Cynthia Jones 19:06
Let me put it a little differently. Because when we hear those things, we say, oh, yeah, we do need those things. But let me say it like this. Say that I want we're going to keep continuing using the weight goal. And you go to a party and there's cake. And you love cake. And it's your favorite cake. How in that moment? Are you able to hold fast to that vision that you have set before you that seems unattainable? Because like we're saying there is that gestation period that you must go through before you start seeing results. How do you do that? You know, so the cake is there and you're like I want to eat the cake. 

Barrett 19:53
In the moment you eat that cake. You have set yourself up that now It is not in your control anymore anything else that comes after that. Instead of keep looking at that cake, find something else and focus your attention. If it's a conversation that you can have with somebody that can take your mind off that, you do that, because once you've said it, to me sometimes a tricky place to say that, Oh, I can eat a little, but not everybody has developed self-control yet. When you have not developed self-control, don't venture into areas and act like all of a sudden, you will have self-control. You know, so there comes a time where you know that this is my weakness. You don't go around things that will bring your weakness out, you go around things that can bring your strength out. After you have developed some muscles, then you can say no during it.

Cynthia Jones 20:52
You know, and I believe those characteristics, can you read those characteristics, again, that he was describing, those are will give you the muscle to go through.

Barrett 21:02
The number one thing that I will say it's information, tell us where you're trying to go. And then the second thing I'll say is prayer. You know, prayer is spiritual prayer is the ability to be able to see the end from the beginning. The vision, prayer can give you that, even though you haven't touched it, there is something in you that you can do it. Prayer does a lot more. And one of the ways we use prayer that we tend to get disappointed, is we are trying to use prayer to achieve something that, for instance, the example that I can give is that we ask God, God, give me money, God, give me money. There is no printing press in heaven. So that intelligent prayer, you can pray, God, give me the wisdom that I need, that I can make money, God, give me the information that I need. So now you're the information you're not understanding the Holy Spirit, give me the understanding, that I need to take this journey. You know, so the intelligent prayers, oh, God, I want to lose weight. No, God, what must I do?   When you are praying, you are asking for wisdom. So sometimes you can be lying down in information we just dropped. You know prayer it's very important and special when you feel like giving up. That is where you need strength, you need supernatural strength, God gives me strength, I need strength to overcome this. When the cake is staring at you, you tell the cake, I refuse you. I am going somewhere. And I will not let you distract me from where I'm going. That is how you motivate yourself. Prayer gives you that energy to do that, to be able to take that step, to lift us to take the leap of faith. Without the faith without a prayer part, then it's like it's your strength. But there comes a time where we all need some supernatural strength, supernatural ability to be able to do what naturally we cannot do, and diligence and consistency. You know, you must be consistent with what you are doing, I see you working out. And the lady coming in, you are working out every day. People want to know how can I do it today. And all these things that you've set yourself that you want to do. Those should be the things that wake you up in the morning, you want to make money, it's okay for that to wake you up in the morning, you want to lose weight. When you wake up, you are not dreading to go do it, you are looking at that with excitement with hope. With faith that I can do it, I can scale this war, I can leap over it. So that is how you blend to encourage yourself. It has little steps that become big steps. And one success in one area affects all the other areas because it looks like is the same formula. That is a place. Once you become the weight, nice, okay, I can start a business. Now I can do this. I met one lady today. And she was talking about how in her family. She's the only one who didn't go to college, her husband, her kids, everybody went to college. At this point, she realized that no, I must do something. She didn't go to college, but she started taking courses. And now they've developed some machine that is part of that company that has developed this machine, you know, that she was telling me about, which is that you see that? There's nothing you can do if you are willing to learn. Losing weight is learning how you have to learn how to lose weight. If your marriage must be successful, you must learn it. If you want to make money you have to learn everything, we do on this We have to learn because it is my information. And whoever subscribes to learn, will never be disappointed.

Cynthia Jones 25:09
And I think too, that's the same that goes to that. Once you have your college degree, I know you probably heard someone say, No, I can never take that from you. Once you've learned certain things, nobody can take that from you. That's one key reason why learning is so important. And I hope that you can hear that having realistic goals and reachable goals is being able to motivate yourself. A lot of times we look for motivation, maybe from your husband, your mom, your friend, but there must be a time where you can motivate yourself a lot of times, you know, I like to motivate people as well as my husband. I'm motivating people. And then one day, I'll be like, so who's supposed to motivate me? And then I'm like, so where do I turn to? And then I say, Okay, forget it. And then I know I have certain things I can do to motivate myself to bring back that joy to bring back that hope. Because in all things that we're doing, you should that when you're scaling the wall, it shouldn't be a tedious task, you should have that joy, and that hope is there that I'm going to scale this wall, not if I can, I might can and all these other things. So that brings that joy back, bring that hope back. And you will begin to do these tasks. As my husband eloquently said, you'll jump out of bed with excitement, oh, today's today, I'm supposed to be working out. Oh, today's today, I'm supposed to be you know, doing that presentation at work.

Barrett 26:44
You said also, sometimes we set the bar so low, that it's not even a goal. You know, so at least you must be able to stretch yourself a little bit. Because if you don't stretch yourself, you are not developing muscles. Don't just do the minimum. You know, the Bible says that when somebody asks you for a mile, you go two miles. You must have that attitude of you going the extra mile so that by the time that discouragement comes, you've already gone that extra. You went past that discouragement. You are never discouraged. And discouragement comes when you don't know what to do, just start praying. Just be thankful for what you've been able to achieve. Because I was able to do this, I can do this, I can do this. So is Thanksgiving is one of the ways that you encourage yourself, you motivate yourself, you know, just like you go to a football game, and the team home team is down. And the ladies, the cheerleaders are cheering and cheering and cheering, suddenly, the stadium gets involved. And then suddenly, there's a loud noise. Now the players begin to realize we can do this, we can do this, we can then start fighting and start fighting. So that is how life is, you know, so that your achievements begin to cheer you on your accomplishment begins to cheer you on, Oh, I did this, I've done it for one week, I did this, I read this. Now those things begin to come together. And it's like some energy enters your body. And then suddenly you snap out of it. And that which you are afraid you can do and do it very successfully. And you love Bucky? How did I do?

Cynthia Jones 28:20
How did you start your first business BATACH, and then how did BATACH help you escalate to your new business? And then from there, where does all this inspiration come from? I believe I know, but if you can share with others as well.

Barrett 28:49
Since I'll see a young age or childhood, my dad has always had his own business. As young as we were, when he gets a big contract, we will go there and help him you are doing this you are doing that. I could see that. And then my grandfather also was a cocoa farmer which was self-employed. I saw how all his brothers and cousins came under him and they were all working for him. It has been around me and my family I will say that a lot of the people had their own businesses in Ghana. When I also started growing up, I started my first communication business. I have been around business a lot, but BATACH is something BATACH itself means that God is my refuge. I derive everything from God. Whatever I do, that is where I am getting it from. The B is boldness, the A is assurance, the T is trust. And then the C is confidence, and the H is hope. You know, so you need all these things to be able to do that which You want to then what was the other question? The second part of your inspiration, my inspiration, my inspiration is always Jesus. You know, he said, the highest standard. And he says we can do more than what he did, with the help of the Holy Spirit. So that is what motivates me. And the other thing that motivates me is neatness. in people's lives, especially the youth, seeing that there's a lot of things they want to do, and they don't think they can do it. You don't see opportunities. But that is why I have devoted myself to looking, you know, there was a point that I kept asking myself, how do men rise in life? How do people become this rich? How do people accomplish all these things? And that is what took the journey. And then the more I started reading biographies about people, I started realizing that all that information comes from the Bible. I did not take my time to look in the Bible and see what the Bible is saying. You know, I will say that the Bible is like a doing word, it's an action word, everything in the Bible is an action word. It's not just there for you to know, it is just there for you to know, understand and apply. You know,

Cynthia Jones 31:22
What I can say from the Bible is that I won't say all successful people, but most successful people are practicing the principles of the Bible. We come to say that God is such a wonderful God, as he says, he's not a respecter of person, but of His Word, and his principles and his doing. If you're able to apply those principles such as gratitude, giving, helping others, you know, you will never lack in any area. Part of that success package is those principles of God, if you want to be very successful, I was reading Oprah's book the other day, What I Know For Sure, and threw out that book, references, and practices of Godly nature is upon her, the way she conducts her life, the way she helps people, the way she believes in people, the way she talks to people is all Godly. So sometimes people don't have to say, you know, I love or profess God, but they wholeheartedly take on those practices, and their life is abundant because of it. That's another encouragement there to be able to have that inspiration to know that prompting and to follow it through because one thing that I have learned over these years is that when I'm being guided, I'm never disappointed. It's always to a great destination. It's always a place where I can rest assured. Do you have anything you want to add? 

Barrett 33:20
Yeah, I mean, whatever anybody has done, you can do it. If you're willing to follow instructions, everything has its manual, you know, health, long life, about you know, there's one thing that drives us all, waking up to go to work is money. We are working, sometimes you are working so much that you don't even see the money you are making. There is something wrong somewhere. You have to pump the brakes and begin to get information about where you are going. Information is key. You know, the Bible says in Genesis that God said let there be light. What is the light that he's talking about? Light in the spirit realm is light. But the light in our nature is information to this information ever. God has put in all the information that we need on the speck on the set. Whoever decided that I will give myself to the learning of electronics to the learning of computers to the land of going to space to the land or building weapons. If you give yourself to that land, you will find the information and you will get to the destination so the reason why people are doing supernatural things is a great thing. It's not because they are smarter than us is because they have understood what works. That is a system is principles. So just follow the principles and it will work for you. In the example that I gave of the cake, you cannot ignore the butter and think that the cake will come up with so find all the information that you need. And with that, if you commit yourself to it If you give your life to teaching and to learning, and to all these things you will get, though that you don't even know when you go to that, it will get you there. And that is what I believe.

Cynthia Jones 35:12
And that's so true I can definitely say that through my learning in cybersecurity, it did take some years, you know, I started cybersecurity in 2007. And I didn't become a security analyst until 2016. And it wasn't because I wasn't trying, it wasn't because I was, I wasn't learning, but the appropriate time hadn't happened yet. I continue learning, I continue believing, I continue hoping. And then guess what, before I knew it, I was there, and I can't even remember what happened before. The same thing with growing up my business, I was under the impression that I would start business and within a year, you know, I would be making multi six figures. And when it didn't happen, I was like, what is this craziness? But from what I know is that if I keep learning, I keep applying, I keep doing, I'm going to arrive and look back and say I don't ever remember what was going on before. That's the beauty of this learning and applying things that you learn.

Barrett 36:46 
And even that learning is growth. You see, if you're a child and you agree, you don't see that you are growing, or the only way by which you see that you are growing is when your close is small, but you don't see. As you are learning you are developing yourself, you are transforming yourself, you are going through this metamorphosis, that like you know, started with the egg and then all these processes. That is what growth does. And the beauty of growth is that when you grow to a point, you don't go looking for things, things that are looking for you rich people don't go around looking for all successful people, let me say not rich, but successful people don't go around looking for things people are looking for them all the time become an expert in something, and you will be sought Yeah. Whatever you are doing, when you are developing yourself, you are building scale. That is why you see that people who are practitioners make more money, they practice law, they adopted the practice, they make more money. Specialize in something. And as you specialize in it, people will come celebrating you people will come seeking you. And they will give you money, Top money for whatever you are doing. Everything you are doing, don't look at it like it's small. Everything that is big was one small. Everything that was that is big was one small America that we see now was one small, and it came together because of ideas. Ideas have a lot of problems. An idea is a word that is information. Bringing information together, collected information gives an idea. There are things you can do right now, there is no idea that cannot solve your problem, get an idea and your finances will change, get an idea about your health, and it will change your idea. The more you are learning, you discover a lot of ideas. And let me put this one in, the best way to learn is to have a mentor, I'm telling you, the best way to learn the quickest way to learn is to have a mentor. Because like the way bake cake, if I want to learn how to bake a cake, I just must come around you. And then I do it. And then you instruct me. Put this in, I put it in, put the oil in, I don't know how to bake that tells you everything that you are telling me I'm doing. By the time I finished baking the cake, it will come exactly like yours. What you have done is that you have brought me into your experience. Now when I go to bake again, it will come close to yours. 

Barrett 39:33
And you can call your mentor. The quickest way you can pick a book and read it and get information. But if you talk to the author of that book, there’s a difference it's always good to have a mentor, whatever area look for who is successful in the area that you are pursuing and ask intelligent questions. You know, like someone who said was I was talking to somebody and you're saying that when people see rich people, all they see is money. But if you see a rich person, the first thing you want is his brain intelligence. How did you get here? What did you do, and he would open up? But if it is just money that Oh, nice car, he knows you're not serious. So always be hungry for information, be hungry for knowledge in every area. And I'll also encourage you is read before I never read, I never used to read. But then I started reading, even if it's 10 pages a day that you can read, in a month, you have read 300 pages, which is an average book. And imagine the information in the book, if it can change your lifetimes 10 times 100 times 1000. That is what information can do.

Cynthia Jones 40:48
And if you don't know what to read, what you can do is start with things that you like, a lot of times people don't say they don't like reading, but you're reading things that really are not interested in. Pick something that you're interested in. And I'm I guarantee you'll start to find books. And be open to just following that intuition. I read a lot of books; I pick up a lot of books. I picked up some quicker than others, and it's never really any set plan or anything. I know what I like about learning about your mind how you do things. So those are the books I gravitate mostly towards. And it's just one after the other, you don't have to worry, they will just keep coming, just be open to receiving. And you really receive. And I also quickly wanted to mention about the mentoring with the mentoring that one, two, just like my husband has said, just think about what it is you want to do. And believe that God will show you the person or the group, or the program you should be in. And it should happen to you. That's how I found all of my mentors, In all of 2021 I had a mentor, it wasn't until the end of 22 that I stopped working with my particular mentor. And the only reason why I stopped working with her is that I'm looking now towards more of a business mentor. And I'm positive that I will receive that. Whatever you're looking to do, however, you're looking to grow, like my husband has said, doing it that someone has done it before you are a great way to grow faster. There's nothing wrong with investing. A lot of people get the wrong idea about mentors. You're like, Oh, I'm just giving the person money. No, not really, you're investing in yourself. That's what you're doing. You're investing in yourself. A lot of times we don't like to invest in ourselves

Barrett 42:56 
Buy the Louis Vuitton. Buy the fancy stuff. So why don't you be the person who owns the fancy store? You know, so we must change the mind our mindset, we have to change our mindset. Instead of you being a renter, you want to be a landlord, you know, instead of you being the one who is always looking for a job, be the one who creates the jobs, people you know, it is all possible. You have to give yourself to learning new things. You know, you remember you were telling me about this lady who was in college and she needed money. And she said that okay, let her go do some cleaning. Oh, yeah. She advertised as a cleaner made, made. And she went and cleaned this lady's house, and the lady was impressed even though she thought she didn't do a good job led us to Chile, the good girl

Cynthia Jones 43:58
Now she's left and her business has been so successful that she has, I believe her name is Kristin Hart. And if I'm not mistaken, and now she has, you know, I don't know if she graduated college or not. But she has become this successful business and made and now she's not only you know, after that, you know that. It's unlimited. I believe she does group coaching and things like that now, but, that’s how she started it. She needed money for college. And so she thought she would clean houses. And she was so good at it that the ladies in the houses that she was cleaning, were giving her referrals. So that's how her business took off.

Barrett 44:39
And what I can also add is that even as you are looking for something to do, you know, people will say that I don't have any talent, I don't have anything. I will encourage you to begin to look inside. What can I do to help people? What problem can I solve? What solution can I bring to my generation? My generation needs help. Really Show me, open my eyes. God brings me into understanding bring me into information. These become inquiry traces, not prayers of needs, but inquiry prayers. And that is what I would like to live with you. Oh, we haven't reached.

Cynthia Jones 45:19
If there's just my husband, you know, my husband. Well, so now, honey, if you can leave the listeners with just one takeaway, we know we have talked about a lot of things, we talked about confidence. We talked about having realistic goals by finding out the tasks at hand that you will have to do to reach them. We've talked about, you know, keeping happy during those goals to have a successful turnout and so many other things. If there's just one thing that you would like to leave with our listeners, please just let's just try to round it up with just one.

Barrett 46:05 
Okay, one thing I'll say is that, as we enter or as this year has begun, focus on prayer, and the word of information. These two things go hand in hand. We need if we use the information to do everything. Information that you don't know as you pray, you come into the information. Let prayer be one of the things that you do you spend time doing and let seeking knowledge be one of the things you do, don't just learn anything, but things that concern you things that you see, you are struggling in, pick books, pick people's brains, and I believe your life will never be the same.