Ignite The Desire

#24 You Can Get the Job You Deserve with Super Julie Braun

November 30, 2021 Cynthia Jones Episode 24
Ignite The Desire
#24 You Can Get the Job You Deserve with Super Julie Braun
Show Notes

In today’s episode, we are talking with Julie Braun. She is also known as Super Julie SJ she intends to spend the rest of her life helping others grow by attaining the career and salary of their dreams through her wisdom and creative crew. SJ has worked with over 16,000 people to get the job they deserve, including veterans, stay-at-home parents, immigrants, folks from the LGBTQIA community, formerly incarcerated, learning disabilities, and folks with addictions or alcoholism. What is it that you are thinking that's stopping you from growing the success that you desire? Through her struggles and obstacles of having a learning disability of auditory processing disorder and dyslexia, she maintained the mindset of success. And we know this show is about the mindset of never giving up by creating optimal organizational skills and priding herself on a self-deprecating sense of humor.

What to Listen For: Building the Career You Desire

Welcome- 03:26

Transferring skills- 07:24
Job Skills are transferrable
Find your purpose

What is your dream - 14:49
Importance of having a dream
What story you would like to tell

Salary Negotiation-19:44
What do people do in looking for a job
Career Building

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Julie On Instagram: Super Purpose

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