Ignite The Desire

#26 How to put Your Mind with Your Dream with Olga Nesterova

December 21, 2021 Cynthia Jones Episode 26
Ignite The Desire
#26 How to put Your Mind with Your Dream with Olga Nesterova
Show Notes

In today’s episode, we are talking with Olga Nesterova. Her vision is that anything is possible when we put our mind to it and get ready to work on it. She has been a pro athlete which has taught her the importance of strategy, hard work, and dedication. Her dream has been to change the world and so after graduating from 2 universities with 3 degrees she made her way to the UN as a diplomat. Further, she worked with the NBA/NHL/WNBA as a producer and had several companies. All this was possible because of the mindset that allowed her to make mistakes, learn, and be authentic and goal-oriented. Her intention is to show people the ways of making their dreams come true and kick the limiting beliefs to the curb.

What to listen for:  How to Put Your Mind with Your Dream

Welcome – 1:53

Olga Background- 6:35
Started as a professional athlete
How her first company started

How do you place value- 7:17
Talk about responsibility
Owning our mistakes

Responsibility -11:20
Being patient with yourself
Defining procrastination

Why it so hard to make Decisions -15:46
Doing our best
Mind setting

We can do certain things alone and that’s okay in doing that. You don’t need someone’s approval to make achieve your dream, believe in what you can do, and trust in yourself. You have all the tools needed to start and when you start and it leads somewhere, then you will have the budget to do and outsource your weaknesses. But you are okay to make the first move.

Olga Nesterova’s Website: Onestbusiness
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