Ignite The Desire

#27 Everything Legal with Girija Patel-GBP Law

December 28, 2021 Cynthia Jones Episode 27
Ignite The Desire
#27 Everything Legal with Girija Patel-GBP Law
Show Notes

In today’s episode, we are talking with Girija Patel.  Girija is a mom, wife, lawyer, podcaster, strategist, educator, and business owner in Houston, Texas. Her law practice, GBP Law, specifically focuses on helping entrepreneurs and online business owners build their business’ legal fundamentals and integrate legal as a part of their strategy so they can move forward confidently and do what they love! Her goal is to help make legal a line item and not a panic attack! In 2020, Girija launched Your Contract Buddy, an online contract template shop, and founded her podcast, Law Chat with Girija.  From her days of being a prosecutor to managing her own law practice and to being a lead legal strategist for your business, Girija’s core value to serve her community remains at the center of all her endeavors.

What to Listen For: Establishing Your Legal Presence

Welcome – 1:48

Working with women in the entrepreneurship - 3:05
Sharing experiences
Knowing the world of entrepreneurs

Being Creative -13:39
Starting a business

Financial wellness -20:15
Financial Allocation 

Investments as an entrepreneur -22:33
Where to invest or what to invest in
 Coaching legal 


Girija Patel’s Website: GBP Law
Girlja On Instagram: GBP

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