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#48 How to Get What You want in life by Understanding Our Thoughts with Dr. Hank

June 18, 2022 Cynthia Jones Episode 48
Ignite The Desire
#48 How to Get What You want in life by Understanding Our Thoughts with Dr. Hank
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It All Starts With Your Thoughts

It's sad but true that a lot of our thoughts are negative. In fact, research has shown that around 80% of our thoughts are "wired" thoughts, or thoughts that we have on autopilot. This means that we're thinking about things that we've been thinking about for years, and most of those thoughts are negative. This is concerning because it means that we're not thinking about new and positive things. Instead, we're stuck in a rut of negativity. How can we break out of this cycle?  One way is to become more aware of our thoughts. 

When we catch ourselves thinking negative thoughts, we can consciously choose to redirect our thoughts to something more positive. With practice, we can train our brain to think more positive thoughts automatically. As we do so, our entire outlook on life can begin to change for the better.

In today's show

Dr. Hank is a Mental Scientist, a successful real estate investor, and has a passion for helping others become their greatest possibility!

He has written 16 books including his most recent book "Easy Money, Easy Life!".  His experience has taken him to help Fortune 100 Companies around the world and thousands of people to be, do and have more of what they want!

Here's a glance at this episode...

  • [01:57]  Thoughts become reality
  • [06:49]  How to find your passion
  • [11:24]  Thoughts and Money
  • [19:29]  Feeling better is important

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"This world has everything we want in it, but it also has everything we don't want a lot. And we get to have the freedom to be able to choose."

We all want to achieve many things in life. But how can we get it? How can we find and maintain the willpower to consistently try? Well, everything starts with the power of thoughts, which in turn determine our actions. When you go through each day with positive thoughts, you give yourself the power to achieve everything that you dream of. 

In this episode, Dr. Hank is here to share with us how powerful the mind is. Let’s go through the simple guides to point our thoughts in the right direction and unlock the keys to getting what we want in life.

 It All Starts with Your Thoughts 

Basically, every discipline agrees that the mind is the key. It all starts with your thoughts and how you’re looking to get the things you want. 

There are three steps to achieve this change. The first step starts with your thought, which will create energy. The second step is when that energy turns into emotions. Your emotions flow around you subconsciously, and when the signal is received, you will find yourself at the third and last step: emotions turn into matter. From these three steps, you can see how your thoughts can become things.

 The Importance of Erasing Unwanted Things in Your Life 

Each of us has about 60,000 thoughts a day, of which around 80% of those thoughts are wired thoughts. How sad and concerning is it that research has found that most of our thoughts revolve around negativity?

"Most people aren't nearly as happy as they could be, as they have chosen to have the unwanted thoughts and negative thoughts instead of wanting the positive thoughts."

Everything goes through a cycle. The same applies to your thoughts. When you focus on negative thoughts, you'll start attracting and creating more unwanted things in your life. It doesn’t stop here, what you think about today is going to be carried out into your tomorrow. So if your thoughts are focused on the negatives, you’re actually paving your tomorrow to also be negative. Therefore, most people aren't as happy as they could be. Instead, imagine if you start thinking about your desires and your plans to achieve them. You will live more vibrantly and your tomorrow awaits you to start anew on your journey to your goal.

 Don't Forget to Feel Better 

When we feel better, it can raise our vibration in energy level. When your energy level is high, it will enable you to gain the motivation to do the things you want. It is important for you to have the ability to feel good even in the darkest days and the red-hot moments.

"Imagine each one of us walking down the corridor of joy, with the doors of opportunity and abundance flying wide open for you. But most of us are knocking on the doors about what we don't want."

Feeling better is the key that will let you into your corridor of joy. But you are the one who holds the choice to pick which door you want to open. So, will you choose to focus on the arguments and the failures?  Or are you going to focus on the hope and willpower to achieve your desires in life?