Ignite The Desire

#46 Discover your Passion to Live a Vibrant Life with Hillary Gooden

June 03, 2022 Episode 46
Ignite The Desire
#46 Discover your Passion to Live a Vibrant Life with Hillary Gooden
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Know the Importance of Lymphatic System in Vibrant Life

Vibrant life means having an active and healthy lymphatic system. When you keep your body's natural defense network functioning at its best, it will help with increased mental clarity as well extra energy!

The Lymphatic involves the organs in this network which are part of our immune systems plus they work together to deliver fluids throughout each cell structure within us so no stone is left unturned when trying ensure optimal healthiness overall.

In today's show

Hillary Gooden, Author, Speaker, VibrantLife Coach, Certified Lymphology Expert, and Spiritual Leader.   Since 2016, she has worked with women leaders with strategies to get back their emotional and physical health from the control of stress anxiety.

She is a Speaker with the Black Business Expo USA, and Board Member of Women Reach Out with God Initiative of Nigeria, Africa.

In 2014 she became a Certified Lymphologist through the International Academy of Lymphology.

Here's a glance at this episode...

  • [05:52]  Living a vibrant life
  • [08:12]  Secrets to better health
  • [10:59]  Why is moment important
  • [16:40]  Embracing transformation
  • [20:38]  Preparing for your future

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"We have the responsibility to help our bodies have better health. So that the body knows what to do when the conditions are right. So, when we move our body, the lymphatic system knows what it is supposed to do, and it can do it better."

As humans, it’s natural that we all want to be healthy so we can go about our days fresh and full of energy. Throughout the episodes of Ignite the Desire, we have discussed the ways to improve our physical and mental health. But in this episode, I would like to invite us all to open our knowledge and understand the intricate system of our bodies. Hillary Gooden is ready to share the secrets of vibrant life and how it’s deeply rooted within a system within us called the lymphatic system. 

Know the Importance of the Lymphatic System in Vibrant Life 

The lymphatic system is a part of the immune system that is complementary to the circulatory system. To put it in simple words, it is like a garbage disposal for your body to discard toxins and cellular waste. 

One of the main things in vibrant life is how the lymphatic system works in your body. When you activate and maintain a healthy lymphatic system, it will help you to have more energy and clarity of mind.

Lymphatic System Connected to All Systems 

It’s important to understand and be aware of the lymphatic system as it is connected to all the other systems in your body and contributes to the cleansing of your body. When the lymphatic system is not working properly, it can trigger a buildup in your body. This can lead to diseases and even tumors.

Stress acts as a poison in the body and it needs the lymphatic system to release it. So, if you can activate and help your lymphatic system, it will help cleanse all those other systems in your body. 

How to Activate Your Lymphatic Systems 

The lymph fluid only travels in one direction, which is toward the heart. And just like the blood circulates through the bloodstream and blood vessels, the lymph fluid also needs to circulate through the body. With the right flow, the lymph fluid can act like a vacuum to disperse any buildup in your body. 

“The lymph fluid needs to circulate through your body as well. The thing is the lymphatic system does not have a pump. You are the pump.  You have to move your body."

First, you need to energize yourself. You can achieve this through moving your body and exercising. You can take a walk, bike, or jog. You can also try bouncing on a mini-trampoline. Find whatever works best for you if you are moving, and you are happy about it. Laughter can also be a way for you to activate your lymphatic system! 

Secondly, you need to get proper sleep. While asleep, the body is repairing, restoring, and regenerating at a cellular level. You may feel as if two hours of sleep is enough for you to get by, but it is not a healthy way for your body nor for yourself. Try getting at least five hours of sleep and start going to bed earlier than you used to.

The last step you need to activate your lymphatic system is to drink enough water. Drinking water is key because we’re made up of mostly water. As you can see, it only takes three simple ways to activate your lymphatic system. Make the change with small steps and seize your vibrant life!