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#45 Find Happiness After Trauma with Tracey Brown

May 26, 2022 Episode 0
Ignite The Desire
#45 Find Happiness After Trauma with Tracey Brown
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You Deserve Happiness, Start Accepting Yourself For Who You Are!

Trauma is more common then you think and the amazing thing is that when it comes to physical and emotional trauma there's a lot more similarities than differences. The healing process can be pretty much same as well because your body will react in similar ways no matter what kind of injury you've received--whether blunt force TRAUMA or just an accident for example-to protect yourself from any further harm until things settle down again.

Having your parents yell at you can be trauma for one, going through an accident for another, and in war for another,  The thing is the body reacts the same in all situations.  Fulfilling it's main job to protect you.

In today's show

Tracey brown is a US Coast Guard Veteran, has overcome 30+ years of undiagnosed PTSD, is a  #1 best selling author of Rescue to Recovery: A veterans story of hidden scars and personal discovery. Featured speaker on Amazon prime video series “speak up” sharing the similarities between physical and emotional scars. 

Tracey was severely burned at the young age of 8, at age 21 joined the US Coast Guard and endured the traumas associated with search and rescue operations. She now speaks on the Dis-ease of Playing Small and how our mindset and connection to others is key to healing and growth. 

Here's a glance at this episode...

  • [05:04]  Connection between trauma and scarring
  • [11:10]  Creating more vitality in your life
  • [17:18]  Lack of sleeping and what it means
  • [20:15]  Mindset and health

More about Tracey Brown
Rescue to Recovery

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“Mindset is a constant choice and mindset creates direction.”

Emotional pain and trauma may not be visible to the eyes. If you’ve experienced physical pain, you might notice how the body goes into shock as it first starts assessing the injury. The body will then send signals to cause inflammation, which creates pain, and our brain recognizes this as a sign to not move the injured part. This natural process is akin to how we go through trauma. The question is, do you stay there after trauma? Do you stay in the loop, or do you go through it? 

Trauma can have a lasting impact on our lives, and it's easy to get stuck in its endlessness. You’re probably feeling like you’re lost or there’s no way to happiness. Our guest in this episode, Tracey Brown, is going to show us how recovery doesn't have to be difficult or complicated. 

Take Time Out Daily

Take time out for yourself to calm down and find joy. Happiness is the missing feeling for someone going through traumatic experiences. Find things that you enjoy; it can be a video, or a podcast, or even an activity. 

You can also try to take deep, calming breaths. Science has proven that diaphragmatic breathing, or taking deep breaths, can help to relax as well as improve our bodies. Focus to release, relax, and focus on the riches. Instead of listening to the noises inside your head, put your focus on the physical sensations around you.

Find Strength through Gratitude

Once you’ve reached a state of calmness, think of three things that you’re grateful for. Or you can come up with one great gratitude. Never underestimate the power of gratitude, as it is the gateway to joy. Gratitude gets us to joy, and it also leads to joyous strength. If you’re lacking strength or focus, this is the fuel that keeps us moving forward. 

Taking deep breaths and recounting gratitude allows you to pause, and this ‘artificial pause’ is something that you can control. During the chaos, you need to know that you have the power to take back control.

Realize the Choices You Have

Everything is a choice. Even when we feel confined, we always have a choice. You need to know that each of us has a choice to be free in our minds. When it comes to dealing with trauma, sometimes it’s all about taking baby steps. Just like scar tissue, if we don’t address the small traumas that affect us each day, what happens is they build on each other. The choice lies with yourself, will you choose to start addressing your scars? As long as you’re taking action, it’s okay to start small.

There is also a connection between the mind and health. Proper sleep and nutrition contribute to health, and a healthy body affects the mind positively. Set a positive mindset for yourself to help you establish a positive direction in life.

 With this knowledge in mind, what will you choose for yourself? Finding happiness is all about accepting and taking action. It’s your choice to find calmness through deep breaths, and joy through gratitude, and it’s also your choice to go through life with a positive mindset.