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#43 Understand Yourself Better and Take Control of your Life with Lisa Kilgour

May 13, 2022 Cynthia Jones Episode 43
Ignite The Desire
#43 Understand Yourself Better and Take Control of your Life with Lisa Kilgour
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Listen To What Your Body Needs

Have you ever wondered why your body has the problems it does? I mean, experts can tell us what's wrong with our bodies but sometimes they don't exactly understand how to fix them.

The answer may be as simple or complex as needing more sleep than eating breakfast every day-but either way we should try figuring that out for ourselves before listening too closely!

In today's show

Lisa Kilgour who is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and a sought-after speaker, educator, and author who helps people heal from diverse and complex health issues. 

In 2015, she spoke at TedX Kelowna on the Gut/Brain Connection and in 2010 was voted “BC’s Favorite Nutritionist” by Natural Health Care Canada.  

Her brand-new book Undieting: Freedom from the Bewildering World of Fad Diets was released in September 2020. 

Here's a glance at this episode...

  • [01:49]  How you learn to diet
  • [07:33]  Understanding holistic nutrition 
  • [13:51]  Listening to your body
  • [25:44] How to handle sugar

More about Lisa Kilgour
Lisa Kilgour

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"Your body wants you to be healthy. It's your absolute best friend and your health.”

Finding balance for our bodies can be one of the hardest challenges in life. It’s hard to resist when the trends are all about the new food craze and don’t start with the cravings! Be that as it may, it’s never too late to start taking the reins for ourselves to live better. 

In this episode, I can discuss the connection between our brain and our gut with the famously sought-after speaker, Lisa Kilgour.

Listen to What Your Body Needs

We need to find out why the body has problems. Instead of listening to what experts say about your body, why not try to figure out what your body needs?  I know this may seem hard or unfamiliar as you tend to seek advice about your health.  If you can start to listen to what your body is telling you as it will never steer you wrong.

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to our diet. It’s not about removing everything but choosing the nutrients for your body. You know yourself best, so be sure to fulfill your needs.  When I started my journey to healthier eating, I first approached it as a diet hoping for quick results.  I have been on this journey for 9 months now and have come to an understanding this will not be anything quick.  Learning to replace old habits with new ones will be challenging but give yourself the grace to work through them one by one.

Quiet The Little Whispers

While you're craving like crazy, saying no to your body's needs will just make the whisper in your brain louder and louder. Make sure you eat what your body wants to eat to lower those whispers while keeping in mind the necessary amount. Also, become curious as to why you are craving what you are craving.  Removing and denying food that your body wants can impact your body negatively in many ways. One impact is that when you finally give in to the request you will overindulge and possibly give up.  So, just listen to your body and be in tune with what it really needs. 

Our Body Does Fight Back

Here's an important truth about the body: it needs a steady supply of glucose all the time. If it can't get that, just like when you carry out the keto plan, the body will fight back. Eventually, your body always wins.  As your body is designed to keep you healthy in the best possible way.

When it comes to establishing a healthy gut-brain connection, make sure that you understand yourself and your body. Trust that our bodies are our best friend and best ally in our health. And when we let it 'win', we're giving our body exactly what it's looking for.