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#41 Easy Mindfulness Wellness to Change your Mindset with Beth Shaw

April 28, 2022 Cynthia Jones
Ignite The Desire
#41 Easy Mindfulness Wellness to Change your Mindset with Beth Shaw
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Mindfulness Wellness

Taking care of yourself can be a challenge at times. It's important to find time for self-care and meditation, no matter how busy life gets or what commitments you are going on in your life!

Most of the time, you are so busy taking care of everyone else that your own health and happiness falls by the wayside. You have no energy to do anything for yourself because it's just not worth your time or effort when there is so much out here trying take up all this space in life already!

But you know what? That doesn't need be true anymore--you're finally figuring yourself again after years spent swimming upstream against societal pressure (and let’s face facts: sometimes even YOUR OWN!).  And Beth will share with us tips and steps to do just that.

In today's show

Beth is also a best-selling author, her premier book, YogaFit has sold over 100,000 units worldwide. Now her latest, Healing Trauma with Yoga, is another best-seller and helps many during this pandemic. Shaw’s following book, YogaLean, is a lifestyle program that provides tools for maintaining optimal health. The YogaFit Athlete has inspired a 100-hour YogaFit for Athletes specialty track for instructors. All books have been translated into multiple languages, providing the universal appeal of YogaFit.

Here's a glance at this episode...

  • [04:35]  Intuitive  Thinking
  • [08:08]  Optimal Health
  • [11:10]  Intentional Living
  • {21:39} Physical and Mental Health 

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"To me, true success is being healthy, being happy, and from there everything is possible."

Attaining true success and happiness can be challenging for anyone. When it comes to this, you need to start a daily habit that can help you improve all aspects of your life. Don’t stress about where to start, I’ve prepared the 3 essential things to help you build a healthy habit!

  1.  Meditate to Ease Your Mind

Admit it, you must have experienced that burnt-out feeling at the end of the day. You can’t escape the hectic days, but what you can do is cleanse your brain after a very busy day. Doing meditation is like a reset for the body and brain.  An easy way to start this is by sitting still and taking 3 big breathes and concentrating on your breathing in and out only.  Try and quiet all the noise around you as much as you can.

Get in touch with your body and mind, so you can start the next day better!  Remember tomorrow has its own set of cares and situations so put today's cares and situations to rest at the end of each day.

      2.  Keep Everything Simple

Simplicity helps you navigate your life. When we’re talking about a simple lifestyle, this applies to everything. Keep your food as simple as possible. Keep your exercise simple. Eliminate complications, so you can feel much better.  A great way to keep your food simple is by meal prepping in this way you will know every day what you are eating for lunch or dinner.

Don’t overload your brain, take one step at a time. Follow the process, you’ll be surprised with how much you can progress. I started keeping my breakfast simple with protein and fruit.  Every day I know what I am eating and it is healthy and easy.

      3.  Control Your Physical and Mental Health

You need to find balance. True success is being healthy and happy. And so, to achieve this, you need to maintain well-being – physical, spiritual, health, finances, family, and mental. It’s a never-ending journey, so be sure to try as many different things as possible. Knowing how and what you can give is half the battle in finding balance.

Find out what makes you feel peaceful and calm. Find a place of healing, somewhere you can reset and relax.  This should be done daily if possible if not weekly.  Finding time to listen and respond to that small still voice is imperative on this journey.

"Be positive, feed yourself with positivity, turn the news off, listen to something inspiring every morning, and you will have a richer and fulfilling life."