Ignite The Desire

#40 Taking your Life and Wellness to the Next Level with Geraldine Freshour

April 21, 2022
Ignite The Desire
#40 Taking your Life and Wellness to the Next Level with Geraldine Freshour
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Creating the Health you Desire

For the next six weeks we will be discussing health and how it's truly your wealth.

I have gathered roughly 6 experts to help you learn why your health is important and how you can change your body and health without pills and overwhelm.

In this series you will walk away with a clear foundation on how to improve your health for sustainability and growth.

In today's show

Gery shares how she started this adventure because of a personal battle with sickness. In 2017, she found herself incredibly anxious and irritable, for no apparent reason. From aching feet and dried eyes to gut issues and joint pain, her condition presented itself with different symptoms every time. 

As you can expect it, the majority of the doctors, reduce her condition to depression and anxiety and sent her home with a prescription.  She shares how to make changes to your diet and lifestyle that serves your life  

Here's a glance at this episode...

  • [07:57]  Knowing what you eat
  • [11:45]  What is disease
  • [13:59]  How food effects your body
  • {28:21} What your body is asking

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Gery Freshour

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"We're literally healing ourselves within by eating nutritious foods, nutrient-dense, that's wholesome, that is good, and it helps our gut heal."

When it comes to wellness, we’ve known the significance of maintaining the balance between physical and mental health. To improve physical health, it’s just as important to build an exercise habit as it is to have an ideal diet. And diet does not necessarily mean losing weight but feeding your body for health.  When you eat well, you're giving your body everything it needs to perform at its best. 

1. Know What You Put into Your Body

What drives you to add any food to your shopping carts? Is it the taste, reviews, or maybe the brand? Well, there is one essential deal-breaker when it comes to choosing food: the ingredients list. If the list shows unhealthy ingredients or there is no list available, then it probably shouldn't be in your body. When we look at food, that way, we start to see it differently.  A good rule of thumb is if it contains many ingredients, and you have no idea what it is then it’s probably not good.

2. Create a Journal of What You Eat 

Creating a journal will help you to understand what kind of food you are ingesting, and how it changes your body. Journaling lets you reflect on your day and how to improve on the next day. Also, keeping a food journal can help you understand how certain foods affect your moods and your blood-sugar levels.  It will let you see if you are eating too much or NOT enough.  There are many tools available to help you get started.  

You may be surprised by what you can learn about yourself through your journals. Maybe your food is not healthy enough, or maybe you haven’t been eating enough. Once you’re used to journaling, you can arrange your daily intake more carefully.  I have recently started to keep a journal and it’s a challenge to be honest because it’s something I have never done so I give myself some grace.  But it’s also an eye-opener.  Now I can easily spot if I am missing breakfast and how many fruits and veggies, I have had over the past couple of days to ensure I stay on the goals I have set for myself.

3. Eat Wholesome Food 

It is better to make wholesome food because you will know where all that food is coming from. In addition, there are fewer calories, more nutrients, and increments fiber.  There’s a reason why everyone promotes the consumption of nutritious food. Good nutrition helps prevent diseases, promotes healing and longevity, provides energy, and maintains a healthy weight.   Also, remember you are only doing it for yourself and what makes you feel good.