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#38 How to Ignite the Desire in your Heart with Ciara Stockeland

April 08, 2022 Episode 38
Ignite The Desire
#38 How to Ignite the Desire in your Heart with Ciara Stockeland
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Small Steps To Achieve Your Goals

We are living in a fast-paced world, where we want to get there as quickly and efficiently as possible. This leads you into the habit of rushing through your goals or dreams without taking time for yourself along the way.

You have it all within yourself though - even when you may feel lost at times--to make this life great! We don't need easy; what good is that if you're not happy?

Achieving your greatest potential takes determination (and sometimes stubbornness), but know...you CAN do anything!

In today's show, we have Ciara Stockeland. 
  Ciara has owned and operated businesses since her early teens.  As a serial entrepreneur, her business mindset and tenacity led her to opening her first store in 2006 which she then franchised. 

Her vast experience in both retail and wholesale industries led her to launch the first to market wholesale subscription box for boutique retailers, which she built and sold within 18 months. Most recently Ciara has launched the Boutique Workshop, a coaching program for retailers. 

In this episode,  she will share some insight into how to build a successful business.

Here's a glance at this episode...

  • [02:38]  Creating your journey
  • [05:01]  Importance of gratitude
  • [09:13]  How to honor your dreams
  • [12:54]  Importance of actionable steps

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3 Reasons Why Taking Small Steps Matter to Achieve Your Goals

When it comes to achieving your dreams and goals, you have it in you to make it big. You don't want to live small. You have one life to live, you know, so shouldn’t you want to live big and dream every day?

However, in this fast-paced world, sometimes you fall into the habit of rushing. You want to get there to those dreams and goals as quickly as possible. And most of the time, you want to jump right in, doing whatever it takes to reach them. Is it a bad thing? Well, I'm here to talk about how taking small steps is more important than big ones.

    1.  Taking small steps will keep you moving forward to get to the bigger ones. 

The whole picture sometimes looks scary and overwhelming. It makes you vulnerable to mental blocks, which can lead you down the dark path of thinking that you will never do anything. Biting the chunks off helps you start accomplishing something and become more eager to finish the other steps.

Moreover, there is always something fresh in starting a new page. When you try to push yourself into a new experience, your mind will just open and offer you so much depth and strength that you never thought that you had. Just like going through small steps to get to the final goal can create a more enjoyable experience. 

Smaller, easier steps also make failures more manageable. Not only when it comes to fixing the mistakes, but also coping with making a mistake. Befriend your failures, as they are a precious teacher in your life’s journey. Remember that to make a mistake is human, so there’s nothing wrong with failing every once in a while. Just remember to take notes so you can grow to become an even better person!

    2.  It will teach you to be grateful for every step you've taken.

Did you know that for every accomplished task, your body releases dopamine?  This is why I encourage you to take small steps — it doesn’t matter the size of the task, and so with each completed task, your mood will get a boost!

Some people say that happiness doesn’t come easy, but they also say that happiness is in the small things.  A good mood translates to being happy, and happiness leads to gratitude. This is why you'll become more grateful for every finished line of your bite-sized step.  Gratefulness will push you to become bolder, which is useful when you have to take a new step or when you have to make a new decision. 

I find that as you become more grateful, it pushes you to become more bold. So it's the cycle of like, the more grateful you are, the more bold you will be to take a new step or to make a new decision. And then the cycle just continues. What a beautiful cycle, don’t you agree?

    3.  It gives you a reason to appreciate yourself.

Choosing to take small steps can change your life for the better; small but consistent changes bring about big rewards. Picture this, you have a small target to achieve and, day by day, you keep challenging yourself with a bigger target. One day you'll realize that you've done something you thought you could never do before. 

Without realizing, you’ve managed to reach your end goal. Or better yet, you’ve surpassed it! If you take a side glance at the small steps you’ve accomplished, you’ll realize that you deserve to be proud of what you've done and become.

So, take it easy. Go through your plans one task at a time. Don't lose hope if you don't see success right away, remember that every step counts. You are not where you want to be yet, but you're one step closer every time you do something to get there. Be grateful for every step because it counts!

If you want to explore and try something new, it's so important to keep dreaming and to not limit ourselves by our resources, or age in life, or our economic standing dream, what you want to accomplish, and then figure out a way to do it. Find your strengths, maximize your potential, and acknowledge your weak points. Sometimes, recognizing when you need to find assistance is the best choice to boost yourself and your business!