Ignite The Desire

#34 Follow your Passion and Win the Game of Life with Summer McStravick

February 22, 2022 Cynthia Jones Episode 0
Ignite The Desire
#34 Follow your Passion and Win the Game of Life with Summer McStravick
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Living in a State of Possibilities and Happiness

Life can be tricky.  You may have failed at inventing the wheel once, but that doesn't mean you won’t be successful this time. In order to become an expert and create something new out of nothing, it's necessary for you not only to believe you can do so but take action as well.

This mental state includes breaking down any beliefs which might stand between you and the dream or goals you want to achieve.

Today I had the pleasure of talking with Summer McStravick
on this episode, she is the creator of Flowdreaming, an active meditation technique that empowers you to program your future, remove blocks and patterns (and so much more!) by working with the living energies of our universe. She's also the founder of M.E. School, her online program that helps you break through into your personal power and find your magic. Check out her podcast, Flowdreaming, for 680 episodes fueled with inner power and manifesting

In this episode,  flow into flow dreaming and how to actually create the life you love every day.

Here's a glance at this episode...

  • [05:25]  How to take steps towards your goals
  • [09:52] Regain your trust in yourself
  • [15:11]  Learn how to trust your intuition
  • [28:45]  How to know what excites you

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Summer McStravick

Cynthia 00:02

Hey and welcome to ignite the desire the show where we focus on the way you think about leading your life in relationship, career business, and love. I am Cynthia and today we're talking with Summer about flow dreamy Summer McStravick is a creator of flow Dreaming an active meditation technique that empowers you to program your future to remove blocks and patterns and so much more. By working with the living energies of the universe. She is the founder of M.E school, which has an online program that has helped people break through to personal power and find magic. Check out her podcast flow dreaming she has over 680 episodes to fuel you with inner power and manifesting. Thank you so much for joining us today Summer.

Summer 01:03

Cynthia, thank you for having me here. Excited. Beautiful Monday morning we're taping.

Cynthia 01:11

We'd like to get started with just one quick question. And that is can you tell us something interesting about yourself? 

Summer 01:20

God interesting about myself? Personally,

Cynthia 01:24

You can we can use most people don't know.

Summer 01:29

Well, I have the coolest car ever. In my garage. It is a 1959 Triumph TR three little British racing sports car. It has been in my family for about 45 Maybe 50 plus years since brand new. And when I was a kid, my dad used to own it. I claimed it. I said it's mine. And I outmaneuvered my brother to get it. I am now stuck with this vintage car that I swear to God breaks down like every 100 miles. I didn't know what I was getting myself into. So yeah, that's a weird, odd fact. I don't think anybody knows.

Cynthia 02:16

That’s great and I like how you said you claimed it. And you got it.

Summer 02:19

I did, I was like brother and he's like, but I'm the man. I'm the dude. I'm like, I don't care. I was here first this is my car. Now I have to pass this car on to my daughter instead of my son. It's going to be this legacy family car at some point. I mean, I guess it already is.

Cynthia 02:40

That's wonderful. It's really

Summer 02:42

Fun to drive, though. I got to say, I take it to car shows and all these people geek out over it, you know?

Cynthia 02:51

Great we have a little bit of information about you and your flow dreaming and things like that. But what is it that really makes you excited about the work that you're doing?

Summer 03:04

That's a big question. Everything, maybe some things more than other things. Like we were talking before we started our interview here, and I said, well, who's listening, who should I be talking to? And there's a lot of people in here who are trying to leave corporate life, and they're trying to create something for themselves. We're hearing in the news right now, so much about this great resignation. 

All these people getting fired up about well, firing themselves getting out. Then the next question is what gets me excited is whenever I'm working with somebody part of the work that I do is to sort of look into them, and I look into their life, I feel them I use woo woo energy I call it to flow, it's sort of like this greater awareness, this sort of quantum awareness, all the information that is, and part of what I do is I try to find in them, what is it that makes you light up what is it that you're afraid of? 

What is stopping you from the thing that you really want? And sometimes they say, that's the problem. I don't even know what I really want. Sometimes they do know what they really want. But there's this big thing, blocking into sitting in the way and, and when it comes to like working a corporate job. 

The big thing is the job itself. This is my safety is my security. I can't leave it. I don't have time to leave it. I'm too old to leave it. I don't have time for my income to scale up because I'm taking care of my old mom and my two kids in college. I go in there and it's like we plot this course it's like, it's like finding your way like a little rushing river of water between all the boulders. The water will always get to the ocean, and they will always find the easiest path, but it's that trust in letting go into allowing yourself to find that path. For me I think that's like a sweet spot because I feel this personal sense of accomplishment. I get something back the person I'm working with does too. That's what I get back from it. So that's one of the things I love.

Cynthia 05:25

That's so nice. I think I'm in that area, too. I love helping people believe in themselves and obtain the things that are desirable to them. Why do you think that people are so scared of that light?  The light is there is shining, and you're like, oh, if my life looked like, XYZ, I would be so happy. But then you never take the steps to build that life.

Summer 06:01

I spent all last year writing a book. It's called me school, you mentioned in the intro me school. And I'd say the whole theme of the book is, why are we afraid to reinvent ourselves. One of the first chapters, I'm going into this idea that when we were younger, we often just sort of fell into what we were doing. We were like, oh, this sounds interesting. I think I'll try this for a while or I just got this job it's not really the job I want, but they hired me and I want to make some money because I've got a car payment and you're not married, you don't have kids, you just freewheeling it and, and eventually you find yourself staying and sticking in this thing. You get older and then you start on the responsibilities and the house payment. And you reach a point where you feel like I can no longer successfully reinvent myself, even though the first time you invented yourself, you didn't even think about it. 

You just fly around, just trying things, you could quit a job. And it wasn't like a nightmare situation, you'd feel like I'm going to find another one. But at a certain point, it's like the equation flips and the thing that we felt so confident, like breathlessly even unaware confident, that's how confident we were becomes the thing that we feel zero confidence in. And I like to say, okay, so if you felt 100% confident that you would reinvent yourself and be incredibly successful, you knew you were going to be incredibly successful in this new look, this new job, this new life, this new career, this new passion, incredibly successful is waiting for you to jump in you would do it instantly there would be no question. Of course, I would but the thing is, we somehow over time, chip away at that trust in ourselves that it's possible. 

We start holding back and then we start overthinking it for years and years and years. Like, everybody, I know who jumps into a new career. They're like three years past, needing to jump into a new career. That's how long they've been thinking and spinning on it, planning it, plotting it. And I'm like, you know, you were feeling this way. How many years ago? Let's count 1234. I remind them you invented yourself once. Why did you stop believing you could invent yourself again? Maybe it'll be even more successful than the first invention? Why do you think you'll be less successful than the first invention? Where did that come from? I remind them that they have more skills, more life, power and wisdom, more connections than you've ever had before. So why would you assume you'll be less successful at this invention than the first time around? 

We start with this kind of mental logic, a breakdown of these beliefs that we're holding on to. Then, of course, we must go in and like, make those beliefs become real? What does it feel like to know I'm 100%? Successful? What does it feel like? We often have to convince ourselves because we've spent the last three years convincing ourselves that it's going to be hard, it's going to take a long time. It's going to suck our time and our resources. Like we go in with this heavy load of I call it to lack thinking projections, that we have decided we're going to have to mitigate these and be careful of these, but we go in front-loaded with all of the difficulties we expect to encounter. And that right there is either A, what completely stops us in our tracks, or B makes us go so slow. I mean, we're just like, creeping like molasses. 

Cynthia 09:52

That reminded me of when I was in my 20s and how my life was so different. I mean, like, you said, If I wanted to change the job I did. If I wanted to go somewhere I did. If I didn't want to go somewhere I didn't. I believed in everything I wanted to do so wholeheartedly that anything I set out to do, I would accomplish it. Fast forward to now, like you're saying, it's like, am I going to be successful? I know, way more people. I know, I've improved myself so much more. And still, I questioned myself repeatedly. You know, as you said, as the time went by, I slowly chipped away at my trust. Like maybe if I had one bad incident, then you know, that incident weighs so heavy, instead of all the good incidents that I had. 

Summer 10:47

We forget, we become more valuable, not less valuable. When we get older. We forget that we also think, when we're young, we have all this time to make up a mistake. I think that's another thing that prevents us. You know, we get to this point, we think, well, I don't have that time to make up a mistake anymore. I don't have the resources to make up that mistake anymore. But you know I don't know how old you are. But I am now 50. 

Cynthia 11:18

I talked about it all last year was my big 50th birthday. Almost the whole year.

Summer 11:28

Okay, me too. I look at it like this, I'm kind of at the halfway point of my life. I mean, I'm hoping I live to be 100 Maybe it'll be a little less, you know, but whatever. It's close. If I'm sitting here at the halfway point in my life, saying it's all shut down from here. I mean, wow. You know, just, somebody should just come, and you know, you know, just pat my little head, and tell me it's going to be okay. Because I don't again, I don't know where I got that in my mind. So instead, I look at it like, wow, I've probably got at least 10 years, maybe 20 years, maybe 30 years. Because I anticipate that I'm going to be active.  As I'm older. I, for me, I love what I do. I don't, I don't see a nine to five not going to do that when I'm 80. But I don't do that now.  I would I'm going to love to be doing something and probably still working a little bit. What am I going to do for the next three decades?   When I say the next three decades, I go, oh, wow, okay, well, I do I can stretch out a little into this. You know, I can flip into something else. This reminds me, I just did a podcast episode. It's not been released yet, but about people who transform later in life. I looked up all of these people. It's amazing. Bram Stoker, who wrote Dracula. I mean, he did it, I think when he was about 50, before that he was a theater manager. Then he writes this incredible novel that's in the literary canon, Louise Hay.  She's another author and she's my old boss, right?  She wrote you can heal your life when she was, I believe, 58 or 60. But that's when she started her major publishing house. I'm like, wow, I've still got another 10 years to start my major publishing house, you know, but there are so many examples like this.

Cynthia 13:19

We don't want to forget Colonel Sanders. I think he was 68 when Kentucky Fried Chicken became famous.

Summer 13:26

That's right. I looked at him too. He did everything. He did crazy things like he was an insurance salesman. Before he found success with what he had this little chicken restaurant that just went Oh, fabulous. You know what I know that I bet you in insurance sales. 

Cynthia 13:48

Now it’s in Japan and England.  Where's Kentucky Fried Chicken not located? 

Summer 13:58

I know I believe it's a basic fear. It's a chipping away of trust, that's really happened over our lives.  I break trust into three categories is the trust in yourself, your own decisions, trust of other people, that they will be good to you that they will help you support you not hurt you. Then there's the trust of what I call the universe or God or source. That's the feeling that if I try something I will be in a state of grace with it right? I will hope that the universe or God is on my side, and it's not going to make it harder or punish me or try and make me jump more hurdles just to be cruel. 

It's going to maybe smooth the way and kind of helped me out because it loves me. You must look at which parts of this trust are broken. When we look inside this, there's it's usually broken a little bit in all the different areas, and we've had things happen where we've lost that.  You are in this process of regaining that, and that's the inner power that makes the shift the jump, like 5000 times easier.

Cynthia 15:11

I believe that's why feelings are so important when we're designing this life that we desire. For you, how does that work? Because I believe you've been speaking on it, that trust is a feeling of yourself, the universe, others. How do we begin to trust?  I believe a lot of times we don't trust the feeling. We're like, no, that's not right.  When you really sit down and look at it is right. The more I trust my feelings, the more I go into areas that I have been longing to go into physically, mentally, spiritually, in every area.  For you, how does that work as well,

Summer 16:03

I'm going to repeat a little fact, I was driving yesterday listening to another podcast. They shared that about 50% of Americans trust their intuition. 50% don't. What was interesting is when they polled executives, CEOs, and CFOs, the whole C suite 63% trusted their intuition. They felt it was kind of a make-or-break difference for these successful people that they had learned that all the business sense all the logical stuff. There's that thing that says, Go, don't go, go, don't go.  I've always found in my life, that my biggest successes have always come from things that I just sort of naturally let myself do without even over-examining them. It was like that random conversation that that thing I didn't even think about, that was the one because there was no resistance to doing it. It was just like, oh, sure, there was no big build-up in my head. 

The things that are all built up in my head, that I'm overthinking and logically thinking, often are a lot harder roads to walk on. I remind myself that things that are intrinsic to me that I just do without even thinking, my trust is sky-high on those so much that I don't even question it. So, um, once you get back to your question about feeling so one of the ways that I work I'm 50% super practical, and 50% Woo woo is what I call. The woo woo part of me says when I am anticipating my future so let's talk about that lack of thinking that people are feeling I want to change my career, or just use that as our example for this whole recording that I want to change my career. And I don't trust that I can do it. I'm too old. How can I jump when I have no experience? And that's a big one.

Cynthia 18:00

I hear that all the time. Yeah, yeah. And they're like, all these jobs. What were you doing there? You didn't?

Summer 18:10

Yeah, and I call, you must jump back into beginner mind a little pull a little from Buddhism, we have gotten so used to being an expert, and being rewarded for that, that it's locked us in a little cage. Often what happens is, once you become an expert, frankly, you're ready to move on, you've mastered the material, you're bored with the material, and life is nudging you saying go move on. Our culture tells us no stay where we're at. Because you've reached this point, now you must sit there for the next two decades. And inside your screaming No. You must reach back into this beginner mind, which is I'm going to go back to Childline, which is I don't know what I'm doing. I'm going to start learning, I'm going to live it, I'm going to breathe it, I'm going to absorb it. I'm going to you know, talk to my friends about it. I'm going to scale up in this. Maybe I'm going to learn in three years what it would have taken me you know, eight years to learn when I was younger because I'm there now I'm much more of a sponge, I know how to learn just something I didn't before. 

But to again, jump back into feelings. I do two things. I start to embark on a lot of actions in my life. I call them brave actions, things that lead me closer toward where I'm going. If I say I'm going to change my work and open my own, let's say for the sake of a restaurant because I already met, we went and Colonel Sanders. I'm going to open a restaurant; I'm going to get out of this insurance company and open a restaurant. Then I think well, I've never run a restaurant before and I don't know, you know, I want it but where am I going to get the funding for it and where am I going to pay the salaries for it and all this stuff starts churning, churning, churning. 

I start to make a series of brave actions, which is I'm going to research how to do it. I'm going to maybe get some investors in. I'm going to I'm going to move toward this like it's really, really, really going to happen. On the other side, though, I know that my thinking is this constant pullback that's going on, right? The mindset I know, you know all about this, the mindset pulling back saying, where you know, it's going to be hard, it's going to take a long time, you're going to fail, there's this virus out there, and people are not going to restaurants, I mean, you can make this really long list that will tell you why it's going to be so tough. Then I go in, I call it to flow dreaming, right? It's a state of, I call it moving into a flow state, and it's based on science. There was a positive psychologist, his name was Mihai Cheech and Mihai crazy, long name, don't even it's impossible to look up.

Summer 20:44

He identified what flow state is, it's that state where you are in a feeling a form of utter connection, alignment, excellence, everything is easy. Everything is coming together. You know, scientific breakthroughs happen when people are in this state, musicians are playing feels like it's so effortless or not even playing when they're in this state. I thought, well, what if you can actively get into the state? This is something a lot of people are exploring nowadays, how do I actively get in the state, I said, I don't want to just get in the state. I can perform some skills or tasks better. I want to get in this state, when I'm doing something in my woo woo world, which is I want to connect with God in the state, I want to connect with my future in the state. 

I want to envision myself and become something I want to work with my emotions when I'm in this state. That was the key. In flow dreaming, I use intense emotions, I get into this state of flow. Then I use something called guided daydreaming super easy just to get my imagination, I'm going to get into the state of the person on becoming who does this person feels like. I would be closing my eyes. And I mean, there's, I teach people how to do this, it's super simple. You go into the state, and you do this I call emotional reconditioning sometimes, and in this state, I'm an incredibly successful business owner, people are buying my sandwiches, they are coming for my, you know, my ice bowls, or whatever it is that my restaurant sells. They're so happy, I am so happy, everything has magically unlocked on my way there. The right people stepped in the right funding came in the right employees came in my business, or my corporate job was supporting me somehow, maybe they said, we’re going to put you on furlough and pay you for the next six months, I don't know, anything could happen. I'm completely supported life is on my side, God is on my side, my higher self is on my side. This is so easy; I slip effortlessly into this next phase of my life effortlessly moving into it. I'm creating these feelings, and I'll even take it further. I call it sketching out my future self. I liken it to when you build a house you have a blueprint. 

You wouldn't build a house without one. When you build a restaurant, you're going to have your business plan. But there's something more than a business plan because that business plan is ultimately leading you to something and you say, well, freedom or money, or you know, I say keep going well, satisfaction, love joy. Again, freedom. I'm like, so now we're talking, these are all that I call your emotional endpoints you're doing this restaurant, is you want to feel something in your life, you are ultimately doing it to feel something, you pick the restaurant as the vehicle to get you to those feelings. I said, let's go ahead and make a blueprint based on those feelings. What does this restaurant make you feel like, I'm free? I walk into my restaurant whenever I want to. I feel like I'm so proud of this. I feel the money gushing in, which means in my mind, I have even more freedom. I have flexibility. I have time freedom. I have money, freedom, I can live the way I want to live. I feel pride, I feel like I did it. I made something. I feel these things. It's great, every one of those feelings you just made, is going into this blueprint now. 

You focus on the blueprint. You focus on these feelings, you make them and then you make them again, it's not a one-time thing. You don't just make it and throw away the blueprint afterward. You know, you build something, you consult this blueprint every dang day. Right? If you're not, then your construction people are like, going to build some big messy thing. Every day you come back to this every day. What ends up happening is you're changing the emotional chemistry in your body. And you're moving away from all of that lack of trust, and you're moving away from all that it's going to be hard and you're replacing it with these other feelings. It's like going to the gym, you go to the gym for your muscles, they get stronger, they can't help it just happens. You do this gym for your emotional self. They get stronger, it just happens. Now eventually life is lining up because it's reacting to you all the time. I know I'm on a long spiel here, I'm almost done. 

Cynthia 25:05

It's great. I love it. I love the whole story.

Summer 25:12

Life is reacting to you every day and you've done your flow grooming, you've done this emotional blueprinting. Life says, well, what do we give her today? Or what do we give him? Or them? What do we give him today? Well, there are the feelings they've been putting out. This is their expectation; this is who they are. So maybe we should match that somehow, It's a weird thing. Life tends to match our expectations for it. You know, that's why a lot of us plateau at certain income levels, because that's what we have our expectations, that's completely doable and normal. Anything higher than that is weird. I must work for it. Life matches that expectation, too. Now my expectations are, I've got a freaking awesome restaurant, and I love it, and everybody loves it. And it's written up in all the papers in town, I've been on the local news, you know, the woman steps out of cybersecurity to run this fabulous, you know, restaurant, and I'm, I feel wonderful. Life is saying this, this woman is successful, she feels successful, we're going to align successful things to her. And that's where you really take the leap, that life will give you those things to match who you are. If you don't believe it, you must go on a binge of proving that to yourself first. But if you start trying to prove that to yourself, it's going to pay off it will. You can do that in any area you want. Notice I've never said the word law of attraction or manifesting this whole time. Okay. Some people go there, but I like to think of it in practical terms. That's how I do it. 

Cynthia 26:47

I can testify that's how this podcast started. It became like, I got the feeling I should start a podcast. I was like, how am I going to start a podcast? There's 1001 podcast and who's going to come to want to come on and speak? I'm going to be new. And you know, I've never done it. How am I? I put it off for two years. 

Cynthia 27:16

It kept coming and kept coming. And then I have a very good girlfriend. She said she started her podcast, I said, Oh, really? How's it going? And she says, well I have this guy. He's helping me. I said, Oh, really? Maybe he could help me too and that's how I started. As you said, every time I come on, and I speak with people, and I learn different things, I just feel so different. I feel so alive. I feel like I could do this from sunup to sundown. I feel so energized afterward. Now every month I designed what would my podcast look like? What does my studio look like? What type of people is coming? What are some of the benefits that I'm reaping?  I do like of course numbers like downloads and things like that are important to us. Every month I put what I believe I can get, and most times I exceed it.  I just work hard at this. I never get tired. It's like, I've tried other things to start my business, and like you're saying it was a lot of work. I felt that work. I wasn't getting results. But they said I should do XYZ. Why didn't I get that result? I wasn't. But this one. I love the podcast.

Summer 28:45

That is a big fallacy that we're sold a lot work hard, and you will get the result. I have to say you don't always get the result. I have worked hard on things that have been epic flops just drown myself to the bone. I know work hard in something that feels effortless, where you feel the least resistance. I always say it's like a bird that's flying in the air. If it's flying against the current, that little bird struggles, right? It's working hard, but it's meeting so much resistance. The bird turns around flies with the current, it can work equally hard. But now it's going twice as fast or like a swimmer, you know, going the with the current twice as fast with the same amount of effort. I always like to say I work hard because I frankly I enjoy working. I work hard. But I look for things like you're describing this podcast. This podcast feels wonderful. It feels effortless. It's giving you crazy connectivity. You're meeting people your network is expanding. You know through my own podcast 600 I've been on I've been podcasting for 18 years, to be honest. 

I started in 2005 with Hay House Radio which is an old well it's not here anymore, they shut it down a few years ago and just converted everything into podcasts. But I started that station at work for them. I learned I think over the first two years, what my message really was I learned through conversations, I learned it through talking about it, I found myself even as listeners were finding me finding myself. I always say to people, you don't have to be an expert when you start something, you know, again, your, that you don't need to be the expert, when you start, you need to be the person seeking, you need to be the person who just points ahead and says, I'm a little ahead of you guys, look where I'm going, you want to look with me. You're going to find people exactly where you're at. They don't want to hear an expert. They want to just go on the little, you know, travel with you. Eventually, they're going to become experts with you down the road. So yeah, so your podcast is that for you? It's developing and learning this is, I mean, I just think it's wonderful. It's why I never quit. Because every year, every year, my podcast is teaching me something about what is my message this year? What am I interested in? I can only hear it when I look back at all my episodes. I go oh, very interesting. I can see where I'm going this year. What's making me tick?

Cynthia 31:30

I thought I was going one way, but it looks like I'm going the other way. A lot of well, almost I'll say 90% of my guests. We speak on intuition, meditation, thinking growing your mind. So that's the direction.

Summer 31:48

I know because there's somebody who's doing career stuff. It's like you, you have the choice. I could either do, how to write your resume or how to get your LinkedIn profile.

Cynthia 31:57

That's it does not warn me at all. I have people ask me all the time to help them and I help them. But it's not something that I gravitate towards. But if someone says, we want you to speak our mindset, really? Where when? Why? How long do I have?

Summer 32:17

When you speak on mindset, you're in that mindset. It's a win. Like when I'm talking to you right now. I'm also in that state of I'm feeling fearless. I'm feeling confident. I'm feeling like this is easy. And you are too. Your podcasts, the things that it will do for you, again, go to the emotional endpoints with that, which is this, this is opening doors for me it's creating freedom in my life is leading me into new and more successful places. This is a little you know, the yellow brick road in my life. It's leading me exactly where I need to go. I'm jumping and skipping and cartwheeling down it is having a beautiful, wonderful time. Like that can only lead to positive things across the board. Only positive things because that's who you're becoming now through it. That's right. That's all mindsets. The other half, of course, is finding all the yucky things that you know, get in the way.

Cynthia 33:17

And even when they show up, it's not so yucky. 

Summer 33:25

I have a whole thought philosophy on that, too. Every time a yucky feeling shows up something that says, oh, this is going to be hard. You got rejected. I look at it and said, Great, thank you. This is a valuable piece of evidence. And something that obviously I want to cross over or cross through. I flipped it in my head, even the things that get in my way stopped me stall me, maybe tell me that I picked made the wrong choice. I'm thankful. Like, thank you. Now I know not to go there. Thank you. Now I know that this is something that I'm not aligned with. Thank you for this negative feeling. It's telling me that I've got resistance, and I'm scared of this. I've got fear around this. Everything I want on the other side of that fear. Thank you, it means it means that if life has given me this negative feeling at this point, it's asking me to solve it. It's saying you're ready for this one, cruise through this. Everything you want is on the other side of it. It's a different way of looking at roadblocks.

Cynthia 34:28

I remember when I first heard that it was with Bob Proctor. He said, fear has everything that you're desiring and you're wanting the life you're dreaming up. He said it's on the other side of fear. And I was like, huh, yeah. I listened to it a couple of times. I was like, wow,

Summer 34:45

One of the things I give my students a lot is something we practice in school is a technique I call beyond fear. In fact, I have a flowing dream on that. I've recorded a lot of the flow dreams that I produce them and again, it is sort of like an active, it's that emotion-based meditation very easy. But one is called beyond fear. And I will give my students an assignment it goes roughly something like this and only when they're ready for it not everybody's ready. If scared of something, you feel scared of it. The minute you realize you're scared; you make a commitment. Now I must do it.   I don't care what it is or what area of your life it is, doesn't have to be just in business. It can be I'm really scared to tell my mother-in-law to shut up, okay? I'm really scared because she's going to hate me more than she does. Or it's going to ruffle family feathers. It's like, okay, you just realize that that poor you, man, now you've got to do it. You got to be very careful what you're afraid of because you're you committed? Now you've got to find a way to have that conversation. See if it's worth all the fear

Cynthia 36:10

Wonderful information. What is your number one takeaway you really want to leave the audience with?

Summer 36:20

My God, that's everything. If you are wanting to make a change or a transition in your life, now is the time to do it. You're not going to be any more ready at any future point than you are at this moment, the minute the desire flickers up in your heart, take it as a sign from God, the desire is here, it probably means that the resources are here. So, the waiting that you're going to be doing to try to be more ready, etc. You're just biding your time, you're just you know, paddling in place, the time is now. 

Make the Leap, do it, make the physical resources on your side do all the right, you know, make the right moves, but then do the emotional preparation as well. I mean, that is for me, half the battle I work 50% with my physical life and 50% with my spiritual life, my energy life, right 50% What I initiate and 50% what the universe is helping me with. If I don't do that emotional work if I don't make that clear, emotionally and in my energy, where I'm going, what I want, how in the world can my future and the universe and whatever, how can it help me get there? So that that emotional work, that emotional template thing must happen. I encourage people to go check out flow dreaming or listen to my podcasts, my preferred method, but you can use any method that you know, lights you up.